Thing 1

I’m doing the 23 Things project with Surrey University. Starting with Thing 1; Set up a Blog and write about my experience of social media and what I hope to get out of the 23 Things Project.

So the blog is partially set up. I’m sure I’ll learn how to change pictures and customise it more as I go along

My experience of social media

Twitter, Tumbler, Snapchat have all passed me by really. Updating my LinkedIn profile is way down my ‘to do’ list and although I use Facebook I mainly just use it to invite people to events. My own Facebook presence is mainly through others’ pictures that they’ve posted off me. I rarely put up my own pictures or answer Facebook’s ‘What’s on your mind?’ question. I am quite careful in what I share and my most ‘active’ was this year during a trip to New Zealand when I wanted to share pictures of the lovely places we visited.

But….I love to read other people’s posts! I love to keep up with the lives of people that I never see now as well as those I do see. I feel closer to those people because of social media and experience a pang of guilt that I don’t share my own life in the same way.

And… I recently started a doctorate programme at the University of Surrey and realised that I do have interesting and perhaps important things to tell people about. Therefore I should develop my social media presence.

Which brings me onto What do I hope to get out of the 23 Things project?

  • I hope to learn how to make better use of social media
  • I hope to develop new ways (new to me) of telling people about how we think the brain might work and what is thought about why we behave in the ways we do
  • I hope to become more comfortable with sharing my thoughts publicly

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  1. rdpsurrey says:

    Hello and welcome to 23 things, you are now on our blogroll.


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