Thing 3; Look at others’ blogs

I noticed that I felt a bit anxious when I was about to look at the other blogs from people doing the 23 Things Programme. To examine this from the perspective of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) – which we’ve been learning about on our DClinPsy course – I would look at my thoughts, emotions, physiological symptoms and my behaviours.


I noticed first that I had butterflies in my stomach (physiological symptoms) and I wondered why. This was related to feeling anxious.

I think that I was thinking that all the other blogs would be great, would look much better than mine and would say much more profound things because I think that I’m not very good at social media type stuff.

I opened up the first blog and worked my way through the list on the 23 Things Blog page despite feeling anxious.

How the cycle changed as I read…

As I read the blogs and enjoyed them my butterflies subsided. The anxiety dissolved with the butterflies.

I saw how others had written about their reasons for doing the 23 Things project and that not everyone felt they were social media gurus.

I felt curious about the people behind the blogs rather than anxious.

I kept reading the blogs.



One Comment Add yours

  1. rdpsurrey says:

    It is wonderful to see through these blogs the range of interesting work going on at the Univeristy and to listen to the voice of the people behind the research. I am glad you came round to enjoying looking at others blogs.


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