Thing 5: Twitter

Back in Twitter week I logged onto my unused and forgotten about Twitter account for a spring clean. I was surprised to find I was following all sorts of things I had no idea I was (and often had no idea what they were either) so I unfollowed pretty much every thing before building my links back up with psychology related people and organisations.

One of my colleagues is a keen Twitter (and other social media) user and she gave me a little lunch time lesson about Twitter and how to use it. This gave me more confidence to think I knew what I was doing and I Tweeted my first Tweet!

I’ve been a bit quiet on Twitter until today when I posted again, but I have been watching and gradually building Twitter into my round of social media awareness (i.e. a routine check of what’s happening on Facebook, Pinterest, The Guardian News App, Instagram and now Twitter too).

I’ve also been looking at what people Tweet and when. I’ve been surprised how often people take pictures of what they’re doing and Tweet it. I have learnt some really interesting things from pictures of poster presentations at a conference that everyone in the psychology world seemed to be at one day. I’m starting to think of Twitter now and what people might want to hear about so I’m sure I’ll start tweeting more.


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  1. rdpsurrey says:

    I am glad to see that you had some guidance from someone in your department. Do you think they would have a look at thing 5 and give us some sugestions?


  2. Twitter is brilliant, I’ve made so many great connections on there and it’s great for breaking the ice at conferences!


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