Thing 6: LinkedIn, and Research Gate

So back on LinkedIn week I did go over my LinkedIn profile. I added a picture, updated my work history, current role and place of work and went through my ‘skills’ section. I also looked through who was suggested as connections – mostly people I went to school with. I’d decided to keep it psychology related and not many people worked in related roles so I didn’t add many people.

Over all pleased with my LinedIn update.

I also had a look at and Research Gate. Although I am a doctorate student my subject is applied so there is less focus on pure research and more on research as integrated into clinical work. I decided that I didn’t need both and picked Research Gate.

The process of signing up to Research Gate:

There are lots of E Hampsons out there doing and publishing research! There seemed to be someone publishing lots around dentistry, someone else around neurobiology and then lots around different areas of mental health and a few around engineering. Go all you E Hampson people out there!

Then adding some information about what I research and skipping the photo until I have a better photo then BOOM, one email address confirmation later I’m signed up to Research Gate! Just to make connections with other researchers now.


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